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Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nail infections are very common due to shoes being dark, warm and moist which provides the perfect environment for fungus to breed. They often cause no pain or discomfort, but the infection can spread easily and if left untreated can develop into a more severe infection. Once spread to beneath the nail then it can be very hard to remove.
Fungal nails often present as yellowish green colour and the condition is often accompanied by excessively thickened, crumbly, brittle and flaky nails.

Treatment will usually involve trimming out the infected nail and reducing the nail plate to help an application of specialist ointment to penetrate and be absorbed into the nail plate in order to clear the infection. Patient must be consistent and continue daily treatment for optimum results. It can take 6 months to two years for a new nail to grow.

Antifungal tablets with the ingredient Terbinafine are very effective to treat nail infections as they go through your bloodstream to fight the infection, however, these must be given under the direction of your GP as Terbinafine can interfere with other medication and have known side-effects, notably liver and kidney damage.


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